July 25, 2019

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Episode Synopsis

A man is found shot dead in a motel room. The door has been chain-locked from the inside. How could someone kill him and escape when the door was locked from the inside?

Written by: Peter Gawler
Directed by: Mat King
Australian Viewer Ratings: 353,000


My Review

I sat down to watch The Locked Room with the hope that it would improve on Episode 1: The Boyfriend Experience (read my review).
I can safely say not only did it improve, but it was also near PERFECT. Whereas the first episode TOLD us how smart Alexa was, how she was Fearless and playful, she acts on instinct; both avenging angel and a bit of a shit-stirrer; deeply empathetic and blunt to the point of rudeness.” The Locked Room SHOWED us that Alexa was indeed fearless, playful, act on instinct, a shit-stirrer, is not afraid to break the rules…I think they are working on the blunt part because, in my opinion, she’s not blunt. She’s forthright.

Throughout the episode, we got a real taste of who Alexa was and how she got the reputation of being a fearless cop. She’s smart by figuring out the clues and the way she goes about it is clever. I was impressed with the way Alexa was written and portrayed. I wanted to see this Alexa in episode 1. The writing of the episode was great, had a few red herrings and a couple of ‘huh’ moments but nothing major.

Alexa’s doctor not knowing about her “steel in her shoulder” injury even though his blurb says ‘he knows Alexa’s secrets’. he doesn’t know her secrets…at least what happened for Alexa to get that steel in her shoulder and what it means to her. Why hasn’t she taken steps to have surgery on her shoulder to remove the steel? Interesting questions. Why doesn’t her doctor know? In the grand scheme of things, it’s not important, it just took me out of the story to wonder why the doctor doesn’t know. No biggie.

The direction was great especially the scene (let’s call it: let’s run Alexa off the road): it reminded me of a scene from Janet King (another incredible Australian show starring Marta Dusseldorp…hint…TPTB…please get Marta onto the show for next season!). It set the right tone and it was well done ALTHOUGH one would assume the driver was caught (it was never shown).

Melbourne wasn’t on display as much as in the first episode. That wasn’t a good or bad thing, just different although you do get to see the city in her glory. What I also liked was that the German breadmaker didn’t really make an appearance nor did Lucy’s German skills. They disappeared. That was great and it made for a tighter script and excellent story because it didn’t take you out of the story in wondering what the bloody bread maker was about. Far too much time was spent on that and Lucy speaking German in the first episode…I’m not going to rehash the first episode but it was something that diluted the first episode’s impact.

Ebony Vagulans as Madison continues to shine! I simply adore the character and the actor. I can see why she got the job. Ebony and Lucy have great chemistry on-screen and the relationship between Alexa and Madison is fun to watch.

I laughed a lot in the episode: not because it had laugh out loud jokes. It was because of Lucy’s facial expressions and perfect delivery of some howlers and also Alexa stealing Captain Thunderbolt’s milk and putting it into her breakfast. I could almost hear a collective ‘Ewwww’ across Sydney!

Alexa has found a new hobby (other than the bread maker. She’s taken up running. Something not foreshadowed in the first episode. You got the impression in Episode 1 that Alexa was a homebody and all she did was bake bread. Episode 2 showed us she is a keen runner. Lots more of the well rounded Alexa.

One thing I referred to in the first episode review was the Opening Credits. I UNDERSTAND them now and again, the second episode made things clearer. Episode 2 credits were fun.

Fantastic episode. I have a recommendation for US viewers who will be seeing episodes 1 and 2 on Acorn TV on August 5, I would say, watch episode 2 before you watch episode 1. Alexa’s character is fleshed out perfectly.

As an added bonus My Life Is Murder, an unlikely spinoff after only two episodes, and it’s about one major character: My Name is Captain Thunderbolt (Sometimes). An animated series about Captain Thunderbolt and how he tries to find out more about Alexa Crowe. It’s funny. Captain Thunderbolt is a salty Tom and hysterical. This is only available on Play10.

Guest Characters

Danielle Cormack as Nikki Malone – Danielle is brilliant as always. A Xena reunion!

New Recurring Characters

Dilruk Jayasinha as Alexa’s doctor. Blurb: While Dr Sureth (Dilruk Jayasinha) is seriously overworked, Alexa doesn’t care – because to her he’s simply a millstone of red tape that she has to circumvent. Suresh has one advantage over Alexa: he knows her secrets.

Alex Andreas as George, the Greek cafe owner. We saw a little of George and his cafe. George’s blurb says he is like a brother to Alexa and a confidant. Some trivia…In the last census, Australia had 400,000 people with Greek ancestry. Melbourne has the largest population of Greek people outside of Greece. There are a lot of Greeks in Australia

Kate McCartney as Dawn: It took one scene to solidify the character immediately. Dawn is described as “A big fish in a small pond. Dawn is the chair of the strata committee in Alexa’s apartment building. A lawyer, she’s also pedantic, in-your-face and smart…but also very irritating.” We were shown that she is an irritating so-and-so when she immediately correcting Alexa’s grammar. That was perfect. Grammar Nerd.

Should You Continue To Watch?

OH YES! This show has found its sea legs and will only get better and better. One thing I’m hoping is that Channel 10 finds its sea legs and gives it a permanent time slot rather than shifting it all over the shop. Episode 2 aired at 10 pm and didn’t finish until 11 pm. The original time was 9 pm. Oy. On a school night!

My Episode Rating:

Writing – Excellent. 4.5/5
Acting – EXCELLENT 5/5

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