I’m really excited about this news because I’ve been a huge fan of Leah Purcell for many years and she’s now taking the helm at MLIM to direct. I’ve updated the episode guide with the dates that the show will be filming. If you are not in Australia and would like to know when the show will air in your country, check out the WHERE TO WATCH page

IF Magazine is reporting:

After focusing on acting for the past few years she has signed on as the start-up director of My Life is Murder, the 10-part mystery-drama starring Lucy Lawless, commissioned by Network 10. She readily accepted the My Life is Murder gig for two reasons. One was her desire to collaborate with Lawless, a case of mutual admiration as the Kiwi star/executive producer had admired Purcell’s work in directing Cleverman and her performance in Wentworth. The other: “I want to get match-fit, director-ready for The Drover’s Wife as I’ve done so much acting over the last few years,” she tells IF. “My Life is Murder is the perfect fit and timing for me to hit the ground running on my film.” 

Produced by CJZ and scripted by Jane Allen, Peter Gawler and CJZ head of drama development Claire Tonkin, the series stars Lawless as Alexa Crowe, a fearless PI who solves the most baffling crimes as well as coping with the frustrations of everyday life.

“Leah is bringing a fantastic energy to the process,” says CJZ’s Nick Murray.

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