Filming for Season 1 of My Life is Murder begins in Melbourne today  and Channel 10 has announced who will take on the two major roles alongside Lucy as Alexa Crowe.

The other news is that major Australian actors will rotate through as guest stars on the show.

Bernard Curry is Alexa’s boss Keiran Hussy:

  • Alexa’s former boss and Detective Inspector Kieran Hussy, who enlists Alexa on his trickiest cased on the understanding it also means he gets to keep an eye on what’s she up to now.

and Ebony Vagulans as Madison Feliciano, Alexa’s sidekick –

  • An ambitious twenty-something Madison Feliciano – who is not so quietly learning from the best.

question…who is the lucky cat that will be starring as Captain Thunderbolt?

  • Alexa’s stubborn cat Captain Thunderbolt – Madison’s nemesis, Kieran’s biggest fan and the one personality Alexa will never quite crack.

Network 10’s head of drama, Rick Maier, said:

“A star vehicle for Lucy. The best actors in the country guesting each week. And Bernie and Ebony completing the dream cast for this dream project. Should be a ton of fun,”

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