The Sunshine Coast Daily’s Weekend Magazine has an brief interview with Bernard about My Life Is Murder.

Sunshine Coast Daily
Weekend Magazine
July 13, 2019

When I catch up with Bernard Curry on the set of My Life is Murder in Melbourne, he looks surprisingly fresh for someone who just popped over to London for the weekend.

Before signing on to the new crime drama, he’d already locked in an appearance at a Wentworth fan event. Luckily, Curry says he sleeps well on planes.

“They’re really, really dedicated fans. They’re crazy – in a good way,” he says. “It was Leah Purcell, Susie Porter and myself for a weekend in London. It was fun.

“I’m only too happy to do these fan events because it just shows how deeply passionate people are about the show.”

The prison drama, now in its seventh season on Foxtel, just picked up its third Logie for Most Outstanding Drama series and Curry is happy his character, prison guard Jake Stewart, is yet to be killed off.

“You read a script and go ‘Oh thank God’ and at the end of the season you read the cliffhanger and go ‘Yes, still alive’,” he says.

Much of the Wentworth crew also worked on My Life is Murder, and Curry’s co-star Leah Purcell directed the first two episodes.

“I feel like I’m in a really good position as an actor in Melbourne to come out of a show like Wentworth and then the opportunity came up to be on this show,” he says. “It’s a bit of a breath of fresh air. Australia hasn’t had a good cop show for a while.”

Curry plays Detective Inspector Kieran Hussey, who brings his former partner Alexa Crowe (Lucy Lawless) back to ‘consult’ on some of his trickier cases.

“This show is more about characters than the procedure or the precinct or the cop protocols. She’s an ex-cop but she’s approaching these cases as a civilian,” he says. “Kieran is breaking the law giving her these cases. He could potentially get sacked by the force if they knew he was passing on these classified files to a civilian.

“It creates something that is unique, and of course we’re talking about Lucy Lawless. She’s an international superstar. I think worldwide audiences are going to be interested to see what she brings to this new drama that isn’t Xena.”

My Life is Murder premieres on Wednesday at 8.40pm on TEN/WIN.