US TV Guide August 5-18: With Enough Swagger To Make A Warrior Princess Proud

My Life is Murder will premiere on Acorn TV on 5 August. US TV Guide has a write up about the show.

WITH ENOUGH SWAGGER to make even a war­rior princess like Xena proud, Lucy Lawless has a ball solving crimes that wouldn’t make Columbo break a sweat. A sparkling Melbourne looks like heaven on earth In a souffle-llght Australian mystery series that doesn’t so much ask whodunit but how’s she going to solve It.

For widow and retired detective Alexa Crowe, the off-the-book cases provided by a former colleague (Bernard Curry) are catnip. Flirty and saucy, Alexa disarms her obvious prey before going In for the kill, all while learning to work a German food processor, wrangle a stubborn stray cat and mentor the requisite millennial tech whiz (Ebony Vagulans) who worships her.
Mind candy for sure, but tasty enough If you’ve had your fill of grit.

Rating 3/5




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